Character Of The Day - April 1, 2013 - April Phil

After a totally unexpected and strangely long break, my cartooning project 'Character Of The Day' begins again - fresh for Spring 2013! This time with a new guest artist, 'April Phil', above (thanks, Phil!) - and this new Blogger blog as well!

I'll soon provide an update what happened to my old blog, but for now I'm just glad to be back cartooning again. Really sorry for being away for so long, by the way. There has been a monkey pile of hiccups over the last few weeks, simply one thing to contend with after another - but that period of boring no-cartoons is now over and, as far as I'm concerned, COTD is 'back'! There will be new cartoons all week long and no more breaks in the foreseeable future! Yay! If you've been following these cartoons, thanks for sticking around and being part of Character Of The Day!



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