Character Of The Day at 'Art Among The Ruins' - Newburgh, Ontario - Sat. June 15! Live Sketching!

On the banks of the cascading Napanee River, among the stone ruins of an old paper mill, there exists a kind of sanctuary for all manner of magical creatures: fairies, elves, painters, sculptors, glass workers, photographers and many other spirits of the forest. Over 50 artists from the Newburgh area (and beyond) will gather at this wondrous place on Saturday, June 15, to showcase their amazing creations.

I'll be there too, presenting artwork from Character Of The Day - I'll have some original pieces (both framed and unframed) as well as some prints. Also, I'll be doing live sketching throughout the day. Similar to the simple, cartoony style shown below, live sketches are 5 x 7" ink and watercolour drawings of... well, practically anything you'd like to request! Just $10 each!

Be sure to have photo reference material on hand for any subject matter that might require it (caricatures, pets, etc.) and, while I'll try to complete as many sketches as I can before the end of the day, the sketch list MIGHT just fill up quickly, so that's why I will be trying to keep things to one request per person, please. Anyway, Father's Day is the next day - perhaps such a sketch would be a perfect gift for your dad!

Newburgh, Ontario is just 15 min. northeast of Napanee (please see link below), and the show runs from 10am-5pm. Admission is FREE and there will be a barbecue lunch available for purchase.

Art, music, waterfalls, ruins - should be a great day for a drive! Hope to see you there!


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