Character Of 'Back In The Day' - Gemclaw

Gemclaw first appeared on the old COTD blog (and on Facebook) back on Sept. 26, 2010. The strip is from, well, I forget exactly when, but around the same time as above. It was my attempt to make a comics page while learning copper plate etching at Spark Box Studio in Picton. Each panel in the page is printed in a press from a separate copper plate. Sometime people ask, "Hey, man - what's the joke here?". Well, there's no real 'joke' in this one - I just wanted the strip to suggest two directions: the elephant, moving one way, is working a dull, laborious job for a living, while the gemclaws find themselves drawn in the opposite direction, towards freedom, creativity and mystery. Born in July, my astrological sign is Cancer (the Crab), if that helps make my intentions here a little more clear.


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