Saturday update: I just went to this thing. Now I'm going to this other thing.

Art residency and print studio Spark Box, near Picton, had an open house today, which was also a launch for their new letterpress. It's not possible to see in the image below, but the press gives that neat effect where it has compressed the paper a little bit where the image is printed. As a bonus, it seems super easy to use. So, local artists, if such a piece of equipment sparks your imagination (Think of the things you could make!), go to Spark Box and check it out.

The fabulously creepy sample print is by local artist Carl Wiens. Check him out too.

And, tonight, the OTHER art residency that I'm fond of, Small Pond, also near Picton, is putting on a shadow puppet play (or two). See the image above. Really looking forward to it - anytime I've seen a puppet show there, it's been very entertaining. There's something about the shadow puppets, especially, that I find very creepy and, therefore, awesome (Judging from the images above, you'd think it was Hallowe'en season already - it's not, but I love the accidental 'spook' theme that today has going on.) Anyway, the show tonight is at 8:30pm, if you feel like checking it out.

Thing one and thing two - just two reasons why I think Prince Edward County is so cool.

Finally, before I go, I'd like to take this opportunity to announce my own arts residency outfit. It is called Spark Pond, and it will be opening just outside Picton, sometime next never.


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