Friday Update: Mystery People

Today's update is for the Mystery People.

I get the impression lately that some people are viewing the content I create for 'Character Of The Day' on this actual blog right here (which is both and - more people than used to do, anyway.

I also post these daily cartoons directly to Twitter (, Facebook ( and Tumblr (, if you'd rather follow them at any of those places. However, I like to think of this blog as the main spot, 'Character Of The Day' Central.

There's no way to know exactly who visits this place every day, or even once in a while, but if you are one of those Mystery People who do, then I thank you for checking out my art stuff and for visiting this little blog o' mine on a regular basis.

Another group of Mystery People whom I'd like to acknowledge are those who've recently been to check out the 'Character Of The Day' art show, which is currently ongoing at Portabella in Picton (265 Main St. Picton). If you've taken the time to go see the framed COTD cartoons currently hanging there, and especially if you've actually been kind enough to purchase a piece of original art from the show, then please know: I definitely do appreciate it!

Mystery People, I can't see you, but I'm glad you're there.


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