Wednesday Update

It's a Kelly's Shop Day!

Sure, we all know that Kelly's Shop, 197 Main St. Picton, is the best place IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE to buy cool dresses, stylin' purses and all the jewelry, toys and King Kong kitchen whisks you can fit in your cargo pants. But what, exactly, goes on in the studio in the BACK of Kelly's Shop, 197 Main St. Picton?

Well, I'm in there sometimes. And today will be one of those times. Wednesday, from 1-4pm.

Am I cartooning or live sketching or something awesome like that? No, not so much. After working on drawings (COTD or whatever you got) in the mornings, I find that afternoons work best as a time for OTHER stuff (and there's always plenty of other stuff).

So I've set up the space in Kelly's as a kind of framing station - a place to take whatever original cartoons and other drawings I think might look good hanging in a den beside someone's vintage Coke machine, or in the upstairs nursery, or down by the old grandfather clock, and frame 'em up special.

Binders full of COTD cartoons are the main focus for this framing operation. So... a few a week, a little at a time. It's going ok so far. Anyway, that's where I am sometimes. Please stop in to say hi or hey or ho or let's go.


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