Inktober 2014: 31 Ghosts!

In addition to 'Characters Of The Night', which is Character Of The Day's month-long celebration of all things spooky, this year I'm participating in #inktober, a drawing challenge you've probably seen mentioned all over Instagram and Twitter.

Inktober isn't necessarily a spooky event, but I wanted my Inktober drawings to have a theme that could tie in to 'Characters Of The Night', so I based it off one of my favourite cheesy ghost movies: '13 Ghosts' (the original, not the remake - ghost lion in the basement yo!). Except, of course, 31 days in October means expanding it to 31 ghosts! A different ghost drawing every day, in terrifying black and white... in celebration of all things October, all things Inktober and everything ghost!

Here's the first!


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