I've been quoting a line from Star Wars a lot, over the last few days.

In my head, to myself, mostly. It's one of those lines that doesn't even seem like a Star Wars quote if you say it out loud, and is therefore acceptable in polite company. I've posted it above.

Just a simple cold, no big deal, but it's knocked Characters Of The Night off the rails a bit this week. I am REALLY sorry about that, but hang in there - I will too - and before the end of the week, the spooky cartoon pipeline will be flowing again. I PROMISE.

One other thing that I'd like to mention before I go: while this isn't a proper hype post for the event (I'll write a real one later), Character Of The Day's second show of original artwork this year is now all hung and ready to be viewed at Portabella in Picton. It's something like 36 mostly-never-shown-in-public-before framed cartoons from Character Of The Day. If you're in Picton sometime soon, please stop in there for a great lunch or dinner, and have a gander.

And now, I gotta go be helped back to my bunk by my woookie friend because... I feel terrible.



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