It's Been a While, Sludgecake!

I realise I haven't presented a Sludgecake page in a while (that is, collected sketches and doodles), but, hey look, here's one now!

And yep, it's got one of those girls from the recent 'rough work' posts in it. She and a few other COTD characters are appearing in a longer story, which is one of the things I'm working on at the moment. Ideally, I'd like to present that story in its entirety when it's done (or at least have it all finished before posting it in installments), so, for the time being, while I'm working on that and some other things, I really won't be able to present completed work every day, like I have done in past periods of Character Of The Day.

But I'll still try to keep things fresh here in COTD with rough work and various odds and ends as I have them. So, I hope you don't mind Sludgecake pages - you'll probably see more of them in the days ahead.



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