Thank goodness it's Kelly!

Hey, just a note about this blog... the last couple of weeks have been kinda tricky posting from my desktop. I could post new cartoons to my Instagram and Facebook accounts, just not here. Sorry about that! I'm not sure if anyone even checks out this blog regularly, but just in case there is someone who does, that's what's been happening. If you want to see some of the cartoons from the last little while that I wasn't able to post here, try looking up @charactersoftheday and @charactersofthenight on Instagram and @niallecclesart on Facebook. My tech issues are mostly fixed now, so hopefully I'll be able to post regularly in this space again!


Windoe is a window display designer extraordinaire! Her wonderful windows are part of what make Kelly’s Shop such a magical place. Stop by next Friday for more #tgik!

Pupkin and Ghost (feat. Jackoons, Octobear, Hallowing

Our intrepid trick-or-treaters and where they were last seen. Will they be back this Hallowe’en season? Are they even okay? The only way to find out is to watch this space! Characters Of The Night takes over Characters Of The Day in just a few days!

Rumble Bear in 'The Big Rumble' - in Stareovision!

Presented in stunning ‘Stareovision’! See it in 3 dynamic dimensions WITHOUT having to wear special glasses! See comic for instructions. Watch this space for more... Starevision! From the archives.


If you happen to be having a rainy day, don’t let it get you down! 💧


All good cretins go to heaven. From the archives. 🖤

Thanks for putting up with all these repeats lately, by the the way. I’ll make it up to you when Characters Of The Night takes over. 💀

Character Spotlight: Kelly

Name: Kelly
Profession: shopkeeper
Likes: customers, fashion, art, design, Ferris and Henry, peppermint tea, steamy novels, pink
Dislikes: jerks, hassles