Character Of The Day Live Sketching

Every once in a while, it's good fun to get out of the house and do some drawing at a public event.

I definitely enjoy the challenge of taking requests for small ink and watercolour sketches, and then trying to approach them as quickly and loosely as possible. Under such conditions, there's not much time for really thinking anything through - it's just a matter of going with first instincts. As a cartoonist, I certainly find it to be a valuable exercise - one that's all about getting the main idea across and not getting too caught up in finicky embellishments.

Also, people really do seem to get a kick out of watching drawings come together in front of them - so it's usually a good time all around. Much thanks to anyone who ever came out to one of the sketching days to make a request - let's do it again sometime!

While I don't have immediate plans for another such day, if you follow the main COTD blog I'll certainly let you know when there's another live sketching event coming up.

The sketches currently on display in this gallery were created at Kelly's Shop on Canada Day in Picton, on July 1, 2013.


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